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wrong configurations ! help required!


hey guys! i have a little problem!

whenever i try to do the step 5 & 6 of the readme file (run RUN_MASTER.BAT)
i got this
_     _ _
_ | |___| | |_ GAMESERVER-v2.0.0 (x64-bit)
| || / _ \ | | Copyright (C) Jolt 2013

Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
It could be that your configurations are wrong.
<db-config-tool> Do you wish to re-configure your database connection settings?
<db-config-tool> Press "y" for yes, "n" for no:

i tryed to re-configure the settings, but i always get the "It could be that your configurations are wrong."!
message... what i'm doing wrong?

sorry! i'm a first timer!

Good luck on the awesome project!